Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lake Brownwood State Park

I thought I posted this last month, but apparently I didn't have a good connection. I stayed at Lake Brownwood State Park for the first two weeks I was in Brownwood. It was wonderful. It was peaceful, beautiful, and had me wondering what it takes to become a park ranger, because I would totally clean bathrooms and shower stalls at the park in order to spend my days there. I understand workamping now. If I could park my RV at a national or state park in return for cleaning and hosting duties, I would do it in a heartbeat. I would just need my own health insurance. Maybe next year I will look into the costs of "Obamacare," and at some point cut back on the number of assignments I do for the staffing companies.

Who knows.

I also took my niece and nephew who live in TX to Dinosaur Valley State Park yesterday (April 5th, in case my phone posts this with the date I started the post). We had so much fun! I will do a separate entry for it, though.

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