Monday, April 1, 2013

Much better!

I decided the new, fancy, "dynamic" blog themes were annoying. So, here we are, with a plain, simple, easy to read blog again. Yay!

I am glad to see that my phone posts with the pictures from my art journal are coming out okay. They're bigger than I thought, actually.

I also went to my website today and attempted to update it. Actually, I was going to cancel it, but they convinced me to try updating it again since the engine, tool, app, whatever, that they use now is supposed to be better than before. Well... maybe. I couldn't update the weaving site because it would only load to 85% and then stop. But my art site was okay. It was still HARD to get the pictures to line up, and the beadwork pictures are a mess, but I gave up on those for today. The rest is acceptable.

sheeptopia altered art

I changed my blog name - not the web addy, because I don't want to change the domain name - but I did change the name to Roving Artist instead of Roving Weaver, since weaving is an art and, really, until I settle down again, I probably won't be doing a lot of weaving.

And now, to Kinko's (I am at Starbucks, land of coffee and wi-fi) to print out things I have needed to print for quite a while...

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