Wednesday, April 10, 2013

First Prayer flag, not quite done

I used one if the stencils in the Sacred Geometry series that I bought from ArtistCellar to make the background design on my first prayer flag. I stayed up an hour later than normal watching Dallas :-) but still didn't have time to put a word on it. Haven't decided between peace and love yet anyway. The top three inches will be folded over for the hanging sleeve. I probably should have made the red section a bit longer si that the orange would still be seen in the body if the flag. Ah well.

I really like the stencils, and the tulip paint pens are nice - but, the blue I used did not even come close to matching the cap! The cap was much lighter than what came out. I will have to do a swatch with each pen and post it next to the pens so you can see. Actually, I should post that on Amazon. I do remember seeing a review which said something about that, but I don't remember if there were pictures. Then again, I was looking on my phone... But, I liked working with them. Glad I had ironed the fabric to freezer paper first. Will try to finish it tomorrow night.

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