Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Art Journal, last bamboo pic and a park sketch

I can't believe I have gone five days in between updates after doing so well posting these - relatively, that is, since some of the posts took a day or so to actually POST thanks to my connection. I got distracted. I had planned for several years to eventually buy a Class B RV, but lately I have started thinking that I may want something bigger. Jerry's bird cage - the one I plan to get him for the RV, from Cages by Design - will take up a lot of room, and I really do need an actual freezer for the meals I take to work for lunch, as well as a decent bathroom with shower (i am sure all future co-workers will appreciate that). So, I am looking at Class C models, and mulling over the idea of looking at Class As. The problem is that I want to remodel just about anything, and I would like to get a dog, so part of me thinks I ought to just save up and get a custom unit. I am already planning to get a temperature paging system that will alert your cell phone (and a few back up numbers if you don't pick up) if the air goes out and the temps start to rise in your RV. There are several out there, but the one I like (from www.rayallen.com - I don't know if the app will make that a link or not - it's in the K9 transport section, two pieces, the cell phone dialer and the heat paging system) is made by a company that makes equipment for police dogs. The unit can be wired to remotely roll down your windows for you if you send a message from your cell after you get the call, and I believe turn on a fan. It's not cheap, but I have had Jerry for long enough he can almost vote, and I am pretty sure he's old enough to drink, so it's a small investment compared to that. :-) I got him in September 1995, and he had been living at the pet store for two years before that because they wouldn't sell him. They weren't sure how old he was, but he has to be at least 21. Plus, if I do get a dog, it will already be in place.

Anyway, here is the third bamboo page, and a page of a park my sister and I took the kids to ten years ago. The quote by her was said when the child in question had already walked away. :-) but it was funny.

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