Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fort Worth water gardens

Well, I opened the blogger app to post and saw that the last one never posted after three tries. Luckily I am at work - things always post here. I guess I can only post on my lunch break from now on...

This is a sketch of the fort worth water gardens from ten years ago. I need to start sketching again!

Art Journal, last bamboo pic and a park sketch

I can't believe I have gone five days in between updates after doing so well posting these - relatively, that is, since some of the posts took a day or so to actually POST thanks to my connection. I got distracted. I had planned for several years to eventually buy a Class B RV, but lately I have started thinking that I may want something bigger. Jerry's bird cage - the one I plan to get him for the RV, from Cages by Design - will take up a lot of room, and I really do need an actual freezer for the meals I take to work for lunch, as well as a decent bathroom with shower (i am sure all future co-workers will appreciate that). So, I am looking at Class C models, and mulling over the idea of looking at Class As. The problem is that I want to remodel just about anything, and I would like to get a dog, so part of me thinks I ought to just save up and get a custom unit. I am already planning to get a temperature paging system that will alert your cell phone (and a few back up numbers if you don't pick up) if the air goes out and the temps start to rise in your RV. There are several out there, but the one I like (from www.rayallen.com - I don't know if the app will make that a link or not - it's in the K9 transport section, two pieces, the cell phone dialer and the heat paging system) is made by a company that makes equipment for police dogs. The unit can be wired to remotely roll down your windows for you if you send a message from your cell after you get the call, and I believe turn on a fan. It's not cheap, but I have had Jerry for long enough he can almost vote, and I am pretty sure he's old enough to drink, so it's a small investment compared to that. :-) I got him in September 1995, and he had been living at the pet store for two years before that because they wouldn't sell him. They weren't sure how old he was, but he has to be at least 21. Plus, if I do get a dog, it will already be in place.

Anyway, here is the third bamboo page, and a page of a park my sister and I took the kids to ten years ago. The quote by her was said when the child in question had already walked away. :-) but it was funny.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

First Prayer flag, not quite done

I used one if the stencils in the Sacred Geometry series that I bought from ArtistCellar to make the background design on my first prayer flag. I stayed up an hour later than normal watching Dallas :-) but still didn't have time to put a word on it. Haven't decided between peace and love yet anyway. The top three inches will be folded over for the hanging sleeve. I probably should have made the red section a bit longer si that the orange would still be seen in the body if the flag. Ah well.

I really like the stencils, and the tulip paint pens are nice - but, the blue I used did not even come close to matching the cap! The cap was much lighter than what came out. I will have to do a swatch with each pen and post it next to the pens so you can see. Actually, I should post that on Amazon. I do remember seeing a review which said something about that, but I don't remember if there were pictures. Then again, I was looking on my phone... But, I liked working with them. Glad I had ironed the fabric to freezer paper first. Will try to finish it tomorrow night.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Art journal, bamboo

These were done using a painting kit I got for Christmas in 2003. Yes, still on 2003...

In other news, when I opened up my blogger app to do this post, it said it was still trying to publish the post from last night. This has happened more than once, or I will wake up and see that the publishing failed (as it just did while I was typing this). I guess my connection here just isn't good enough to upload more than one photo at a time. Sigh.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Colorful quotes

These were also done at Christmas n 2003. I think I had new paint to play with. :-)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Christmas 2003, post 5

Two different sketches of the windmill which was in my parents backyard that Christmas. Note the wintery grass, not the white snow. Wichita doesn't get a lot of that at Christmas.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Christmas 2003, post 4

Another tree sketch, this time I think I used markers... And stickers. :-)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Christmas 2003, post 3

Well, I saw today that yesterday's post never published, so today has two posts.

This is the Christmas tree my mom had set up on her end table in 2003. It was very pretty. :-)

Christmas 2003, post 2

I sketched a lot that Christmas. This is a very bad sketch of my nephew (who was about 4, and I cannot sketch people) with my brother's air hockey table. Everybody had a lot of fun with that table - my sister's family even got one if their own later.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Much better!

I decided the new, fancy, "dynamic" blog themes were annoying. So, here we are, with a plain, simple, easy to read blog again. Yay!

I am glad to see that my phone posts with the pictures from my art journal are coming out okay. They're bigger than I thought, actually.

I also went to my website today and attempted to update it. Actually, I was going to cancel it, but they convinced me to try updating it again since the engine, tool, app, whatever, that they use now is supposed to be better than before. Well... maybe. I couldn't update the weaving site because it would only load to 85% and then stop. But my art site was okay. It was still HARD to get the pictures to line up, and the beadwork pictures are a mess, but I gave up on those for today. The rest is acceptable.

sheeptopia altered art

I changed my blog name - not the web addy, because I don't want to change the domain name - but I did change the name to Roving Artist instead of Roving Weaver, since weaving is an art and, really, until I settle down again, I probably won't be doing a lot of weaving.

And now, to Kinko's (I am at Starbucks, land of coffee and wi-fi) to print out things I have needed to print for quite a while...