Saturday, March 30, 2013

From Prayer Flags to art journals

I have loved prayer flags for a long time. They are beautiful, and so is the idea behind them. Over the last couple of days, I have gone from looking them up to buy them to figuring I could make them and looking up tutorials for that, to getting completely side-tracked on the tutorial blog by the artist's watercolors and journals. I need to figure out how to post a link to her blog from the mobile app - she is fabulous. I got to thinking that I ought to take a class from her, since back a dozen years ago I did a lot of sketching and watercolors, and some mixed media, too, in journals, but I lost my confidence and enthusiasm for it several years ago. A class might get me back in to the swing of things. Her class in Italy sounds great. ;-)

I got out my current travel art journal, which is about 5"x5", and started looking through it. I had forgotten A), that I actually like a lot of the artwork, and B), I started it in 2003!! I can't believe it is almost ten years old!

So, since my other journals are in a box in OK right now, I decided to document the pages of this one over the next few weeks. First, the cover and front page. I made the journal - I think this is my fourth travel art journal of this size, and I made three of them. The other two used fabric I had marbled in the early 90s, but this one used fleece with an owl on it. Owls were not popular ten years ago, and I was thrilled to find it, even if it was a brown camouflage print. The paper is a mix, since I wanted to test various papers I had. My favorite ended up being Fabriano Uno, which of course they then discontinued. I have some still, and the one they replaced it with (Artistico?), which isn't bad. I honestly don't remember the difference right now. Since I started back to traveling for work, I haven't had much of a chance to play with big sheets of watercolor paper.

The front page has a tarot card with Athena on it and letter "pebbles" that spell out "find wisdom," Scrabble style. It was done on December 18th, 2003.

Here's hoping this posts! Happy Easter, all.

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