Friday, January 25, 2013

The Pavilion parking lot at night

I took this picture a few days (maybe a week?) ago. I am working at Dynacare labs in Milwaukee, and this is the view from the third floor of the Pavilion as you leave the elevator - part of my nightly hike through the complex from the lab to the parking lot I am allowed to park in. It is a beautiful place, and I love working here. It is the largest lab I have worked at, and my favorite. I wouldn't want to work here forever simply because I value being a generalist, being able to understand all areas of the lab, and here they tend to compartmentalize people too much. I don't think I could handle working only in one area so long that I forgot basic ideas of other areas. But, I still love this job, and I am glad they have extended me through the end of April!

It's funny - I was talking to someone on a list I am on, and told them I had thus blog but hadn't updated it for a long time. Then I said I should see if there was an app for that. I logged on tonight and saw that back in May I had posted using the app! That was on another phone, and I remember having problems with the app. They have updated it since then. Hopefully I will have better luck this time around! I intend to start updating again. I haven't been weaving a lot, but I have gotten in to Zentangles - maybe I should rename the blog "roaming dreamer" instead of roaming weaver. :-)

That's all for now...