Monday, May 14, 2012

Posting again!

I went back to working for a staffing agency last summer! I worked in Dublin, OH in August and September, New London, CT in the fall, Milwaukee January - April, and now I am in Delaware, Ohio. Dublin and Delaware are both suburbs of Columbus, and I am working for the same hospital chain I worked for last summer. I still haven't been weaving, but I have decided to just go ahead and focus the blog on the travel aspects of my life, and possibly other crafts. I have been bringing my embroidery bag with me every time, but honestly, haven't done much work on that, either... I've been reading about permaculture, homesteading, and raising chickens instead. :-) I still want to get the Class B RV, but I also want to get some land and start an orchard growing and a house built so I have it all ready when I retire! My ideal scenario would be to only work two three month assignments every year, then spend the other six months at home... we'll see. :-) Well, off to work. I'm still in training on day shift right now. Will be on nights in a week or so. I think I'll go around Delaware and take a lot of pictures some morning after I get off work. It's a very cute little town! There's a "paint your own" pottery place right next to a coffee shop, and a "cupcakery" across the street and down a little ways. THAT is tempting. :-) Have a great day! PS - for some reason I cannot create paragraphs... it is making four paragraphs one big paragraph. Lovely.

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Monique said...

I have a few cousins who live in Columbus. I applied for jobs there before I moved to SC. Had I gotten a job there, I'm guessing that's where we be right now. I also have a girlfriend who moved there to work for American Family Insurance although she's changed companies. I really thought I'd enjoy Columbus if I moved there. We're originally from Cleveland.

If you know how to edit your HTML, you can add *p* in front of the first word of the paragraph, and add */p* after the last word of each paragraph. That should help you break them up, if it's not your theme that's stopping you from making them work properly.

Okay. I received a error message trying to show you the tags.
Instead, before the first word of the paragraph use shit+comma, the letter "p", the shift+comma.
At the end of the paragraph, use shift+comma, "/" (backslash), the letter "p", then shift+comma.

I see the subscribe by email at the end of the post now. Now sure if that will subscribe me to your blog or just this one post, but I will try it.