Monday, May 21, 2012

Delaware Art Festival - Glass, Pottery, Stone

Canton GlassWorks
John Boyett is the glassblower at Canton GlassWorks. I was sad that I had spent my limit by the time I reached his booth, because he had the most gorgeous tree ornaments - clear glass ornaments with enclosed trees. You need to check out his website to understand - they are just fantastic. I had never seen anything like them before. He also does workshops.

Catherine Tietz Boring, blown glass and pottery
Not only does she make gorgeous glass and pottery, she has classes (adults and kids) and camps for kids! She had a beautiful pink vase that I had to tear myself away from. Sigh.

Peachblow Pottery
I pass by the sign for this studio every day on my way to work. Now that I have seen her work, I want to go see the studio! She does fine art porcelain, and the colors are magnificent.

Dan Roth, stone carver
I never really appreciated stone carving until I watched Mr. Roth demonstrating it at the Art Festival Saturday. I am pretty sure I could not take a lump of stone and get a leaf with a face out of it. I have a greater appreciation for all of those ancient statues now, too - David, Venus de Milo, etc.

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