Thursday, May 24, 2012

Delaware Art Festival - Paintings

Susie Lowder - she had big, bright, beautiful paintings. I loved the flowers! I think she also had a huge, bright sun painting that I loved. I should have taken notes! It has been too long already. I'm afraid I am not doing these artists justice in their reviews.

Jennifer Float - mixed media pieces - fabric and paint, lots of owl pieces. Love owls. She also had other animals, and every piece I saw had a quote as well. They were lovely, and would look especially nice in a nursery, though I can see them in an office as well - something calming to look at during the day.

Dennis Zimmerman - watercolors, and he does custom paintings from photographs. He had wonderful landscapes.

Jurate Phillips - this artist had dandelion paintings that I loved. :-) You can buy from the website.

Pulpa Paper Products - Okay, not really in the painting category, but very cool. Cast paper bowls and sculptures, as well as journals, stationary, invitations, and other paper products.

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