Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Delaware Art Festival - Jewelry (post 1)

Despite the fact that I make jewelry, I am insanely attracted to all of the jewelry vendors - partly because there are so many different kinds of jewelry design (and, try as I might, I don't have time to try them all), and partly because I don't actually sell my jewelry right now, so I'm just drawn to people who do... whether like a bee to a flower or a moth to a flame I'm not sure. :-) These three artists use wire, from fine sterling wire that is crocheted, to big bright colored wire wrapped in big wave-like patterns - and the third does chainmaille! I would love to be able to do all three, and sadly had already purchased jewelry before I saw any of them, so I gathered their cards so I will remember them and possibly order from them in the future...

Well, heck. I didn't realize until I got to this point that Linda Osterhoudt doesn't actually have a website listed on her card. I did, however, do a google search and find a gallery listing, which I linked to her name. She does beautiful work! She does the fine silver crochet.

Mostly Maille - chainmaille by Pamela Lemons. I loved the way she didn't just have straight link necklaces and bracelets (she does have those), she also had crosses, hearts, and circles. I was amazed at the different patterns in the maille, too.

Funky Jewelry by Melissa Woods - I loved this jewelry!! Bright colors and swirls of wire - very summery. I would have spent longer in the booth, but it was completely full and I was getting claustrophobic. I'm glad she has an etsy store! :-) This is an excellent example of what I loved in her booth - it was the main thing that tempted me. She had a lot more at the festival than what is in her etsy store right now. :-)

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