Friday, May 25, 2012

Delaware Art Festival - Fabric

Starfish Earth - Another place I was very, very tempted by! And a good example of how pictures on business cards can have a big impact - this artist has a picture of one of her bags on the card, and I remember the other things she sold as well. She had bags and shirts with tree prints on them - the tree prints were beautiful. She also had trees on her recycled leather bags. You can buy from her website or her etsy store.

Sew Darn Simple - I bought a lanyard (with bees) and a Kindle case (purse-like) from this vendor. Love them both! I do wish I had asked if the Kindle case would fit a Kindle with a manufactured case already on it. I have a pink case that I bought for my Kindle Fire when I got it, and although the Kindle does fit in the fabric case I bought Saturday without it, it doesn't fit while "wearing" the pink case. So now I am trying to decide whether to use the new Kindle "purse case" for my Kindle, or just use it for my journal and look for something larger with a strap for the Kindle. They did have an iPad case next to the Kindle case - it was larger, and I came close to getting it to have more room, but then I thought that was silly. Live and learn. It's still a very cool case, though! I don't carry a purse to work, but I do carry my lunchbag, and I have been putting my Kindle in my lunchbag with my frozen dinner... not the best idea, I think. The case with a strap is a much better idea.

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