Saturday, May 19, 2012

Delaware Art Festival - Local Shops

The Bare Bowl
I am working in Delaware, Ohio for the next three months, and figured I should post about things to do and see around here. Today I went to the Art Festival they are having this weekend. I was not able to buy everything I wanted - that would have required thousands of dollars and a U-Haul - but I did get cards from my favorite vendors. I meant to take my camera, but I forgot... I probably would have felt funny telling them that I was going to write a blog entry about them, anyway. :-)

The Bare Bowl wasn't actually a vendor at the festival - it's a shop downtown - but I went in after I was done going through all the stalls, and I love it! I've been driving by the store every day on my way to and from work, and thinking that I would love to go work on a set of dishes every day after I get off work once I'm on night shift. Unfortunately, their hours are 11am to 8pm and I will be getting off work at 6:30am, and it's at least a half hour drive back to the hotel. So, it may be something I end up doing every once in a while on my days off, instead. If they had opened at 8 or 9, I could see going to the coffee shop next door for a couple of hours and then going in to paint, but four and a half hours is a long wait...

I also spent some time in Beehive Books in between wandering around the Art Fest. Love it! Had a smoothie and a cupcake and cooled off - I spent three and a half hours at the festival and the sun was happily shining down the entire time. The bookstore is wonderful. I've been in independent bookstores where the staff couldn't be bothered to help you and it was like pulling teeth to get someone to go to the coffee shop to make your drink - this was completely different. They were friendly, seemed happy (either because of or despite the extra work from the Art Fest, LOL), told me they could do flavor combinations for smoothies and suggested a few, and the atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable. I'll definitely be going back.

I'll save my stack of business cards and post them a few at a time... don't want to overwhelm my own blog. :-)

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