Sunday, December 5, 2010

still not weaving much

Wow, did not realize how little I have posted in the past year.

I am finally unpacked. Have painted a bit over the past couple of months, but not woven or done any embroidery, so I haven't updated either of these blogs. I tend to get out the embroidery in the winter, so I guess I will probably do that here pretty soon. I need to be wrapping Christmas presents and figuring out what I have bought and still need to buy, however.

I still love the Ashford Inklette, but haven't used it since June. I need to find a table which is lower than any TV tray or the folding table I have, and clamp it down when I use it, because I think holding it the way I was in May and June was at least partly to blame for the back pain that I had in June and July. Well, and still have. I had an MRI in July and found out that I have arthritis my lower three vertebrae - have had injections twice since then - but I do think that the way I was sitting and holding it, and having to lean and stretch forward to use the loom brought on the pain.

Well, hopefully I will have something to post in the next month or so. Maybe I can try and figure out a way to clamp the Inklette - I have a very pretty green and grey warp on it, and would love to finish it. Someday I'll get a larger Inkle loom so I can do actual belts and camera straps and guitar straps. Maybe I'll get a floor Inkle so I don't have to worry about clamping it! :-) The book I have by Helen Bress has plans for making one. Hmmm.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

spider video 005

Spider on my front porch. Happy weaving and happy Halloween this week. :-)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Inkle Loom

Long time, no update!

In May, I got a new-to-me Ashford Inklette. I love it! Here are some pictures of the two bands I have finished so far:

Actually, I guess I didn't take pictures of the first band. I'll post those later.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

non-weaving content - breakfast bar in the bedroom

I have a new schedule at work - one which involves getting up in the MORNING, of all things. Since I am pretty much always grouchy in the morning, I moved the baker's rack from the kitchen (there wasn't room for it in this kitchen anyway) to my bedroom, and set up a breakfast bar by my bed. Important note! Someday (hopefully soon) the walls will be pink instead of teal, and the burgundy woodwork will be white. :-)

The top rack has the Scentsy (tm) my mom got me for Christmas, which perfectly matches my sheets and curtains. :-) It also has cannisters of teabags, chocolate, dried fruit, and nuts.

The coffee pot is set to start brewing at 8am, half an hour before my parrot's full spectrum light comes on, so I have a half hour to gradually wake up before he starts demanding food.

I moved the alarm clock from my nightstand to the lower rack because it's actually easier to see here. The milk glass container holds breakfast bars.

And, we have water and a measuring cup to fill the coffee pot with (and coffee!). Now all I need is a mini-fridge for the milk, cream, yogurt, fruit, and bird food (Jerry is picky - his food has to be cold). Oh - and I need a chocolate fountain. THEN, my room will be complete. :-)