Monday, May 18, 2009

Stuffed Monkey for Jessica

Here is a stuffed monkey that I made for my niece, Jessica. She's pretty smart - all I had done was the body - just a stuffed blue and purple tube with the separation for the head and body, and she looked at it and asked if it was going to be a monkey. :-) It's made from her favorite colors, so I'm thinking it wa equal parts deductive reasoning and wishful thinking, but she was right!

The muzzle is a spool-knitted piece that I rolled in on itself and then couched to the face, a lot like I did the rabbit's tail, but with a wider base attached to the surface. The ears were done in a stitch which I think has several names - I have been trying to find instructions for Peruvian Single Needle Knitting, which I had in an issue of Piecework from the mid-90s (still have, technically, it's just in storage), and I think this is it, but I wouldn't swear to it. I saw an embroidered teacup on another blog which looked almost exactly like it, but the stitch had another name, but I don't remember the name. At any rate, it's basically a buttonhole stitch done over a thread up away from the fabric. The pattern in Piecework had you doing it in a circle around a felt form to make finger puppets, and then coming out from that base to form the features - I made two puppets, a maroon-bellied conure and a rosy bourke parakeet (both based on birds I had at the time). The rosy bourke didn't get completely finished.

Anyway, I'm glad I found that post and adapted it for the ears - I plan to use it for a crown on some frogs, too.

I made the limbs and tail extra-long, which Jessica liked - she can fold the arms and use the tail to wrap him around things. She now wants an entire collection of woven and knitted animals - she has another creature, a rectangular one, which is knitted, and a leash which she spool-knitted herself.

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