Friday, April 24, 2009

Spool-knitted, felted crochet hook and weaving needle case

Here are some pictures of the case I made for the crochet hooks and needles I use for weaving. I used some Peruvian yarn I bought at Twist, my mom's favorite yarn shop, when I was in Wichita at Christmas when she took a day off for us to go out shopping and to a couple of museums. The yarn felted nicely. I spool-knitted it on an eight peg spool knitter and used a safety pin to thread a flour sack towel through the center before washing it in the washing machine in a laundry bag in hot water. I can't remember if I dried this one in the machine or not. I stopped drying the stuffed animals, but I think I went ahead and machine dried anything that didn't have limbs. :-)

Below are details of the case. I sewed up one end and then use the tail to embroider a couple of flowers at the bottom. I liked it so much I did one at the top on the opposite side, as well, and then I added a drawstring.

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