Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Coffee-dyeing, and band sampler progress

These are the pink fabrics after I left them in the coffee for another hour and a half. They are definitely darker - I like them a lot better now!

In the pictures of the pink fabrics, the coffee dyed fabric is on top, and the original fabric is on the bottom.

Here also are the print fabrics - they were in the coffee the same amount of time as the pinks, a total of two hours.

And, here are pictures of the strips for my band sampler as I had them laid out on the floor, deciding how to sew them together. I decided that I couldn't bring myself to mix the coffee-dyed and non-coffee dyed fabrics, at least not when I had the pinks and prints in there (at some point I will have a section that is all white and off-white) (and coffee-dyed), so I did two different panels, then added some of the blue stuff to the first pink and white panel, then transitioned with plain unbleached muslin... but I haven't decided if I'm going to go ahead and add the second (coffee-dyed) panel on now, or wait and see how long the first one takes me and whether or not I want to add some evenweaves, etc., later on before adding the second one.

After I took these pictures, I decided to go ahead and start piecing them together by hand. I stayed up way too late, since it was about - well, let's just say it was really late when I decided to do that in the first place. By the time I decided to go to bed, I had learned all about ten minute workouts, being mortgage free for life, and making money in the current foreclosure market... BUT, I got all of the pink and white side pieced together, and the first three strips of the coffee-dyed side pieced together, too.

I know some of those pinks look awfully dark for this, and the card print may look crazy, but I like them. I can work around them. Although I suppose I'd better be working ON them. :-)

I need to find another program to use to pubish this blog to Blogger. This one is driving me crazy. I just previewed it and there are huge gaps that aren't really there. Any ideas? I'm supposed to have a program for that with OneNote, but I couldn't get it to connect. Argh.
Ah-ha! I posted it, the huge gaps were there, and then when I edited it they showed up so I could delete them. I still want a bigger window while I'm typing, though.
I may start another blog for the band sampler. Not sure I want to mix weaving and embroidery. :-)

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