Monday, March 9, 2009

My new car!

My new car!
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Here it is! My 2009 Dodge Journey. It was a steal because, sadly, apparently no one else wanted it. LOL! It was, quite literally, 33% off!!! Has heated seats, remote start, AWD, sunroof - and CRUISE CONTROL. Yes, it is true. My PT Cruiser did not have cruise control for all 41,750 miles that I drove around this lovely country. Granted, it was only every six months or so, but that was enough!

The "bad" points? Apparently I'm the only person in the world (er, Wichita KS anyway) who wants a crossover without the third row seating. Plus, apparently it has hail damage somewhere, but I have yet to find it - didn't know until they had to disclose it when I actually purchased the car. That's just cosmetic anyway. Never been all that fond of black cars, either (they get too hot) but had said I didn't care WHAT color car I found as long as it had everything I wanted, and this one does!

Of course, my sister's father-in-law bought a black '08 Corvette the same day I bought my Journey. Sheesh. Talk about being upstaged! :-) I had never quite "gotten" the whole thing about sportscars, but after sitting in his Corvette... WOW. I totally get it now. That car is SO SWEET!!!

Triangle looms (but mostly about my car - minimal weaving content)

Well! My last night working at Holy Family Hospital in Methuen, MA was on Friday the 13th last month. :-) I spent the next few days packing up my car, and headed back Tuesday morning. I did get some weaving done that weekend - I was close enough to being done Monday night that I was able to stop and watch Return of the Jedi and weave for a while. Then Tuesday morning I just had to finish stuffing the remnants in the car and leave.

Hopefully I won't ever have to "stuff" things again - I got a new car! I will try to post a picture from flickr when I finish this post. I love it! It is perfect for me. Apparently they couldn't sell it because although it is a crossover, most crossovers have the third row of seats, and this one doesn't. That made it perfect for me, however, because the first one I looked at DID, and when you folded the seats down there just wasn't enough room for my tubs in the back. I was a bit of a hard sell, though - made the guy go get a tape measurer and measure the length, width, and height (to the bottom of the windows) of both my car and the Journey (it's a Dodge Journey, an 09 but has been there long enough to go through a hail storm, although I still can't see any dents anywhere), and THIS Journey has more room than my car. Plus, since the second row of seats folds down, I don't have to worry about losing them in the storage shed, like I did with the seats to the PT Cruiser! OH, what a pain THAT was...

I found the new car in KS - it was such a good deal that my brother-in-law (James) said he didn't think I'd find a better one in TX, so I went ahead and bought it here, but then had to go get the back seats to the old car and bring them back. So I drove down to TX Sunday, and James and I went to the storage shed after my nephew's soccer game. One of the seats was conveniently close to the front of the storage shed - you could actually see it. The other? Not so close... I think we took at least a quarter of the stuff in my storage shed out and piled it in the hallway (James had me get a cart for some of it after I had moved stuff farther down the hallway for a third time, and we moved a freezer out), but then we (and by we, I mean mostly James, although I did move a lot of boxes) were able to just kind of scoot things around, and he found the seat finally, and then he stacked and rearranged things a bit so that I have some more room in there.

My storage shed, btw, is 10'x20'. And very tall. It's not a small storage shed.

Anyway - weaving. I've been working on triangles for my nephew's afghan again, but keep changing the pattern. I think I'll just weave up all the yarn I bought and then figure out the pattern and buy more yarn if necessary! I have four colors of yarn right now - a lime green, a bright blue, orange, and a variegated blue/green/purple. I just can't come up with a pattern I really like, although I do have a couple of patterns with a "J" in the center (his name is also James) (so is my brother's, so is my dad's...) that aren't too bad.

Well, that's it for this post. Car picture to follow!