Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weaving Wednesday?

My brother, in his blog has occasionally done "Wordless Wednesday" posts, where he just posts pictures of the triplets. I wish he would do that more - I love those posts, because although I think possibly he has only done a couple of them, he seems to pick the most beautiful pictures! So I thought maybe, to encourage him to make it a weekly practice, I would do Weaving Wednesdays. Which is a little silly, since this is a weaving blog anyway. :-) But maybe I will remember to blog on Wednesdays! I did read online that Wednesdays were associated with Athena, who of course was the patron goddess of weaving, so maybe it's appropriate. For now, I will just leave you with the above picture of a block I did on one of my weavettes - black and silver ribbon novelty yarn. I joined a bookmark exchange group on yahoo - maybe I'll use some of that yarn for the bookmarks!


Sue said...

That's cool about Athena being associated with Wednesdays! I meet on Wednesdays with weaving friends....and several of the local weaving guilds have Wednesday meetings.

I wonder if that's Athena's influence!

RovingWeaver said...

I think it probably is! :-) Thanks for commenting!