Thursday, February 5, 2009

Someday, I am going to get a rigid heddle loom. There is a new one out from Schact, the Cricket, which at one point I would have thought was way too small, but now I think it a pretty good size. However, the Emilia, by Glimakra, is also small, and can have a double heddle setup, which I didn't see on the Cricket. Plus, the Glimakra is Swedish - they're all made in Sweden. And, of course, that gives that company an edge with me-with-a-lot-of-Swedish-blood, no matter how impractical. :-)

But then again, there's the Ashford Knitter's loom, which I had partly ignored simply because it irritated me that it seemed like they were using the name knitting as a gimmick to get knitters to buy a loom and get in to weaving (and I'm sure that's EXACTLY what it was), but now that I have looked at it, it DOES have the special heddle with the extra wide holes for the big funky yarns like all those gazillions of yarns that I collected the summer I was in NH and bought those "scarf-weaving" kits made out of netting... they worked great for them, but not so great for the weavettes once I got them! Those yarns are all in vacuum bags, in storage now.

All of these looms are small - the smallest Knitter's loom weaves a 12" width, so the body would be a little larger. The Cricket's body is 11" wide, so the weaving width is a little smaller. The Emilia weaves 13" wide, so the body would be a little larger, but that makes it close to the Knitter's loom, and it has the double heddle option while the Knitter's loom does not (but, the Knitter's loom has the heddle with the extra wide holes).

I haven't actually seen any of them in person, just done internet research. I won't be able to get one for a while. But I think I'm leaning towards the Emilia, despite the fact that the Cricket is quite a bit cheaper than either of the other two! :-) The other two have extras available that it does not, and I think in the end I would rather go with the Swedish loom that I can use two heddles on than the one I can use the fancy yarn on. Unless, of course, I end up finding out that I CAN use two heddles on the Knitter's Loom - then I may have to go with that one! Of course, ideally my next assignment would be in an area with a really good yarn shop that sells weaving supplies (and looms) and I would be able to try out one or all of them...

I've been packing up this apartment, since I leave here on the 15th (or so - probably more like the 17th since I have to do a walk-through with the apt manager on a business day) and finally decided to put a LOT of craft stuff in storage that I haven't used during the last two or three assignments. All the beads. All the weird odds and ends that I bought in Hutch and then never used. All the books except the rigid heddle books. The Christmas ornaments are going in storage, too, LOL! I may even pack up some clothes that I brought and never wore, and mail them back to myself. I'm keeping out everything weaving related and embroidery related, and the scrapbooking stuff, and mailing the rest. I have four boxes full so far (but they're not huge boxes, just what I had).

Well, back to packing... the weekend is supposed to be warmer, so I want to get my tubs packed by then so I can load the car while it's warm!!

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Jennifer said...

Hi! I did a google blog search and found your blog. :)

I have a Glimakra Emilia and an Ashford Knitters Loom. I had a Cricket loom, but I ended up selling it because it wasn't as good as I thought it would be for what I needed to use it for.

If I had to choose between the three, the only real advantage that the Knitters Loom has over the Emilia is that you can get a 5dpi and 7.5dpi heddle. The Emilia only comes with 8, 10, or 12dpi heddles. Honestly, this isn't a terrible thing in my mind.

Both the Knitters Loom and the Emilia come with second heddle kits now, and both fold. I think the extra inch and a half of weaving width makes the Emilia a better deal, not to mention the fact that it's cheaper, price-wise.

To me, the Glimakra is sturdier than the Knitters Loom, and it's a lot bigger, too. It looks more like a loom than a toy, which is what the Knitters Loom kind of looks like, although I've woven some great things on my knitters loom.

Anyway, I just wanted to put in my two cents. I will be posting a comparison on my blog soon.