Thursday, February 12, 2009

4x4 Weave-Its!


In December, I was offered three very old 4" Weave-Its by a lady who lives here in Methuen. Between the holidays, my coming back from them sick, then hurting my back and the weather being bad through most of that, I had yet to go get them. I am leaving here Monday, though, and it is 50 degrees, so I e-mailed her yesterday to see if her generous offer still stood - it did, and I went to pick them up today! Yay! I now have a complete set of looms! Granted, they are technically not Weavettes, but the pin setup is the same (my Hazel Rose loom can be used that way, but the pin setup is for bias weave, and I know I would get confused if I tried to do it the weave-it/weavette way). I will take pictures at some point, but not now... packing comes first! :-)

Thank you to the commenter who gave me all the info about the different rigid heddle looms - I was leaning towards the Emilia, and even more so now!!

Also, I edited one of my first posts, from last fall. Apparently part of what I wrote was misinterpreted by a couple of people who have children and do not realize that I have spent a LOT of time around them.

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