Sunday, November 9, 2008

Woven Lunchbag - progress report

I have only 3 2"x2" waffle grid squares to weave, and then I can begin construction of my lunchbag! I started this project back in February, I think - a couple of cities ago. I was in Brenham, TX at the time, and I have since spent 6 months working in Hutchinson, KS and the last two months here in Methuen, MA (four cities, if you count the fact that I am actually living in Salem, NH). I am determined to get it done before I leave - everyone here has the cutest lunchbags! Almost everyone uses a Harrod's Knightsbridge bag as their lunchbag - apparently it started when someone went there and brought some back, then someone's son lived in London for a while, then after that people were ordering them online... I confess I looked online but didn't see them. Besides. I love my bag design. And you can't beat a handwoven lunchbag, right? I just need to find some vinyl fabric for a liner, I think.

I will post pictures to Flickr as I get pieces and parts put together.

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