Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I took the lunchbag pieces out of the baggies today (got them all done yesterday!) and videotaped them today. I am off tomorrow through Sunday, so tomorrow I plan to put the three video sections together and post it here, and then actually put the PIECES together and take pictures of THAT (although I think I'm liking video even better - maybe a combo) and post them. I want to get that done so I can work on Christmas presents. I got a book on hats and bags from Hazel Rose Looms a couple of months ago, and I had several things planned to make for Christmas! However, I have this whole "finish what you started FIRST" thing going on (I don't even have the Triplet Triptych WITH me), so the lunchbag needs to get done NOW so I can start on hats and bags. Most of them will be out of wool so I can felt them.

So, that's a combo progress report and future plan, all in one. :-)

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